Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I remember the first time we packed up our baby boys to visit our families for Thanksgiving.  Both sets of our parents lived in the same town about 30 minutes away.  We were confident that we could visit both houses in one day (ok, stop laughing).  The planning and packing actually started the day before and the diaper bag  was filled to overflowing:  diapers, wipes, toys, teething rings, baby food, sippy cups, bibs, TWO extra sets of clothes, bottles, burp diapers, pacifiers, blankets, pjs, etc., etc., etc.  That was just the diaper bag!  We also brought along both high chairs and a playpen.  Oh, and a jello mold and a pumpkin pie.

This all made its way into the trunk of a two-door 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix, thanks to the most amazing packing skills of my husband.  By the time we dressed ourselves and put both boys in their snowsuits and loaded their car seats, we had been getting ready for about 2 hours.  I realized their only nap would probably be in the car once we hit the tollway.  I was wearing out, and we hadn’t even left the house yet!  But, never fear!  The Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles were waiting with hugs and kisses and warm shoulders for my little guys to lay their heads on!  No one even minded getting drooled on!  Somehow, we pushed aside our exhaustion and made it to both houses, and the boys thrived on all the love and attention.  We knew the next day would be tricky getting them back on schedule, but it was totally worth it to see how much joy two little baby boys could bring to our families.  It was just so good to be together.  It doesn’t seem so long ago that we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family, but here we are already.  On Thanksgiving morning, the boys ran in a Turkey Trot fund-raiser (as they have for several years) to fight hunger – I’m a proud mama! No, I did not make them wear matching hats!  That was all them ;).

J J ThanksgivingNow that Thanksgiving is over, I want to hang on to a thankful spirit throughout the Christmas season.  The hustle and bustle seems to rush over me, and I just want to hold it off and bask in the Thanksgiving peacefulness a little longer. I am so thankful for all our family and friends who have walked along with us on this parenthood journey.  It’s easy to remember the good times, but it’s the challenging times that teach me the true lessons of motherhood and help me remember to be thankful for all the good I am blessed with in this life.  Join me in holding on to gratitude in the weeks to come!

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. K, Twin Mom

    I’ve been thinking the same thing; I want to continue expressing my gratitude. It keeps me ‘in the now’. Your boys are so handsome 🙂 I love the matching hats-and the running for a good cause! I hope our babies enjoy running so we can do family runs 🙂
    I love your story. And that you had a two door car. I was just thinking today that I can’t wait for hubby to pay off his car so I can get a van. I luckily do have four doors though. 🙂

    1. Twin Mom Post author

      My Grand Prix was the first car I ever bought on my own, so I was reluctant to give it up, but the minivan does make hauling kids, groceries, sports gear, etc. so much easier!


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