I Made Ice Cubes!

Making ice cubes was my big accomplishment one day about 4 weeks after I delivered my twin boys.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but anyone who has ever taken care of two (or more) newborns can understand how even the smallest tasks can seem monumental when you are sleep deprived!

We were very fortunate to have lots of help from our family for the first few weeks.  But, eventually, everyone had to get back to their jobs – – especially Daddy whose family had doubled in size!  So, I was on my own when I realized we were out of ice cubes (gasp!).  It was June!  I was nursing and needed to drink a lot of fluids!  Who wants room temperature beverages when it’s 85 degrees?  So I added it to my to-do list for the day. My to-do lists for the last several months had all been baby related and because I spent two months on bed rest, they really weren’t even my to-do lists.  They were more like honey-do lists.  The things I used to do BB (before babies), including making ice cubes, were starting to come back to me.  I was finding a new rhythm to my days.

By the time Joe came home from work (my favorite hour of the day for many years!), I had two relatively happy, fed, clean, diapered and dressed little boys and fresh ice cubes.  Nevermind that I was still in my pjs, hadn’t washed a single dish or done a load of laundry all day.  “I made ice cubes today!” I proudly announced.  Thankfully, Joe knew to respond with enthusiasm and great appreciation.  Somehow, we still seem to run out of ice cubes (no automatic ice-cube maker in this 22-year old fridge!) and the kids will actually argue over who is going to make them.  “Not to worry,” I say!  “I know the recipe by heart!”  (Can you hear their eyes rolling?)

Being 100% responsible for two tiny babies can be overwhelming even for the most organized, disciplined person.  I learned to take one day at a time – – sometimes one hour at a time – – sometimes one ice-cube tray at a time.


2 thoughts on “I Made Ice Cubes!

  1. K, Twin Mom

    Thank you for this post. I’m happy if I can do the dishes and wash the bottles daily. A shower is a super bonus! Lol. I currently have an old fridge too, and no dish washer! Ugh-every mom of twins deserves a nice fridge w/ ice maker and a dish washer. 🙂


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