Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Oh boy! Oh boy! 001It all started 21 years ago. We had been married for six years;  we owned a home and we were ready to start a family.  Little did we know that God had His own plan for us.

Looking back, it actually began on November 26, 1910.

My maternal grandmother, Evelyn, was born with her fraternal twin brother, Fred. (No, they were not identical – that would be impossible!)  Jump ahead to 1992 and my doctor asking if twins run in our family.  I started to say no because my mom had not had any twins when I remembered that my Grandmama was a twin.  Oh boy . . . hmmm . . . could it be possible?  Possible, the doctor said but not likely – – probably just a miscalculated due date.   Five days before Christmas, we received an early gift and learned that we would be first-time parents of twins!  We came to learn that fraternal twins are hereditary on the woman’s side of the family and often skip a generation – -nature was going to have her way with us.

Oh boy and Oh boy again!  Two boys would begin to fill up our lives the following spring.  They were already starting to fill up my heart.

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